The Best and Most Flavoursome E-liquids Suited To Your Palette

The Best and Most Flavoursome E-liquids Suited To Your Palette

So you've bought your new Starter Kit and now it's time to choose a few e-liquids to get you vaping away. When it comes to choosing e-liquids it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the huge range of tantalising flavours on offer from our amazing Australian and U.S. suppliers. 

We've put together this little guide to help manage your indecision and make sure you are choosing the e-liquids best suited to your palette.

If breakfast is your favourite meal of the day you'll love Milk n' Cereal (30ml) - Byron Bay Cloud Co. Eliquid. It tastes as good as that sugary cereal mum never let you have. Sweet sugary goodness, milk, and strawberry with a tiny dash of banana and marshmallow. It's a great flavour for anytime of the day, especially breakfast. 

For another breakfast classic, you can't look past the Peanut Butter Crunch (30ml) - Byron Bay Cloud Co. Eliquid sprinkled with dark chocolate and slight undertones of custard. Sweet, smooth and creamy. Wash it down with a tasty Byron Bay Cloud Co. Chocolate Milk. Just like the stuff you get at the corner store. Pairs well with, you guessed it, an icy cold glass of chocolate milk!

After breakfast you might be in the mood for some fruity flavours. We have juicy flavours for just about every fruit under the sun. Experience the succulent strawberry taste with Jam Monster E-Juice - Strawberry (100ml). Or why not try juicy Jam Monster E-Juice - Apple (100ml) flavour for a crisp and delicious taste. 

Lunch is never complete without a sweet afternoon delight in the form of a 
Banana Ice Cream (30ml) - Sticky Fingers Ejuice. Delicious, creamy and refreshing. You can also enjoy the classic flavour of Neapolitan (30ml) - Byron Bay Cloud Co. Eliquid packed with vanilla, strawberry and a touch of chocolate. 

Feeling parched? You'll definitely enjoy our wide selection of refreshing beverage flavours. Cali Cola (30ml) - Sticky Fingers Ejuice taste just like the real thing and is inspired by the streets of California. 

Later in the night you'll probably be craving some desert flavours, especially after dinner. Blueberry Custard Pie (30ml) - Byron Bay Cloud Co. Eliquid is a mouthful of sweet blueberry pie with a generous serving of cola vanilla custard. smooth, sweet, milky and creamy. Other flavours that will go down a treat after dinner are Mad Hatter (100ml) - I Love Candy - Rainbow and I Love Popcorn E-juice (60ml).

After a full day flavour safari you might want to freshen your breath with some eLiquid juice Menthol (30ml) for a clean and refreshing flavour. 

Bon Appetit!

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  • Xavier Smith