The Beginner's Guide to E-Cigarettes

The Beginner's Guide to E-Cigarettes

What is an e-cig and vaping?

  • Electronic cigarettes are battery powered smoking devices designed to give a similar draw and feel to smoking tobacco cigarettes. They have cartridges in them which can be filled with ‘e-liquid’ that can have nicotine or just flavouring. There is heating unit installed in e-cigarettes which converts this e-liquid into vapor which you can inhale, which is why some people call it “vaping”.

What is e-liquid?

  • Vape juice or Ejuice is a mixture of water, food grade colouring, and propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). In countries outside Australia, e-liquid is also available with nicotine. The flavouring used is often found in food products  and is safe to consume. 90% of the e-liquid will be made up of either PG or VG, and the other 10% is typically made up of nicotine and food grade colouring and flavouring.
  • There is a debate among vapers about PG vs VG. You can buy e liquid which is a mixture. The main differences are that PG is thinner. PG makes a better ‘throat’ hit, making it feel like a cigarette. A second advantage to PG juice is that it has no impact on flavouring. VG produces bigger fluffier clouds which some consumers like and can be sweeter.

Is it legal?

  • The use of e-cigarettes has increased over the years, the laws vary from state to state. E-cigarettes are legal to use, however it is illegal to sell e-liquid containing nicotine at present.  


Here are six  starter kits you can try out

    1. Innokin Cool Fire Mini Slipstream Kit - The Innokin Slipstream tank is a slim and easy to use 2.0ml capacity tank which features top adjustable triple airflow slots for maximum vapor production. The Slipstream features an easy top fill option with a leak resistant cup design to help minimize leaks. The Innokin Slipstream includes 2 Slipstream Kanthal BVC 0.8ohm atomizer heads and spare o-rings. See 
    2. Innokin Kroma-A Crios Kit - The Innokin Crius Sub-Ohm Tank is a 4.0ml capacity tank and features a sleek stainless steel construction with a glass tank. The Crios features a convenient twist off cap top fill design that is easy to refill. The Crios also features triple airflow slots that may be adjusted using the adjustable airflow control valve. The Crios provides a balance of flavor and vapor production using the Crius atomizer heads. See 
    3. Innokin T18 Endura Kit - The Innokin Endura T18 is an all-in-one starter kit that is among the best on the market. The Endura T18 is perfect for new vapers. It features an in-built 1000mAh capacity battery, and is optimised to output at 14 watts. This will give you around 500 puffs per charge and should mean it will last you all day. See 
    4. Innokin T20 Endura Kit - Comes from the success of T18, features top-filling capability, a 1.5 ohm coil and a 2ml tank, all very similar to its predecessor. However, the T20 enhances the airflow from the original T18 for those who'd prefer a slightly larger mouth-to-lung inhale. See 
    5. Innokin T22 Endura Kit - This is T18’s stronger brother, if you want compact design, good appearance with great performance, this is for you. The Endura T22 features a box mod shape with a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery. The Endura T22 gives the ability to fire up to 14 watts, plus it has built-in safety features, as well as overheat protection. The Prism T22 Tank works extremely well in offering a consistent and solid performance, as it features a Pyrex glass tank, a 1.5 ohm coil, and a sleek and color matching housing. See 
    6. Innokin TC100 Coolfire IV Kit - Compact, beautiful and durable. It is powered by the Ultra-fast advanced AETHON chipset with 100W of pure power with ClearWave noise cancellation technology.  The CoolFireIV TC100 is able to utilize Fast 2Amp Charging and features a greater range of Temperature Control & Variable Wattage, advanced safety protections and ‘vape while charging’ technology. See  


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