Five Celebrities Who Love To Vape

Five Celebrities Who Love To Vape

It's no secret that vaping has been trending in recent years. With any hot new trend, there will be celebrity ambassadors who are leading the bandwagon. Here are some of our favourite celebs championing the vape life: 





1. Leonardo DiCaprio 

The unofficial Vape Lord of Hollywood. We reckon he looks pretty fly vaping in a tuxedo. A long time vaper, Leo has been known to whip out his vape at black tie ceremonies and in interviews. 



2. Katy Perry

Katy Perry loves the vape life. She and Orlando Bloom shared a vape at Golden Globes in 2016 which ignited rumours about a possible romance between the two. We suspect she goes for fruity flavours, Smart Vape watermelon flavour perhaps? 

3. Jack Black

Jack Black was seen vaping in a hilarious scene in the 2014 comedy Sex Tape. It's unclear whether the actor and musician vapes on the regular but if he did we reckon he'd definitely opt for the Jam Monster liquids


4. Samuel L. Jackson 

Vaping is generally popular with young generations but 70 year old Samuel L. Jackson is a very cool exception to that rule. If Pulp Fiction was made in 2019, Jackson's character 'Jules Winnfield' would surely be equiped with a vape in one hand and his pistol in the other!


5. Snop Dogg 

Snoop Doggy Dogg loves vapours of all kinds so it's no surprise to know he dabbles in a bit of vaping from time to time. And look how happy it's making him! Notice how he holds his vape pen...

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  • Xavier Smith