Different Types of Bongs and Their Benefits

Different Types of Bongs and Their Benefits

First off, what is a bong?  Also known as a water pipe, it a smoking device often used to smoke cannabis. Smoke passing through the bong cools down before going into the user's lungs. When you inhale, it is called ‘hit’ ‘toke’ ‘pull’ or ‘rip’.



  • Glass bongs are more expensive than other bongs made from other materials. It is one of the most popular materials to use because it delivers a refined, clean and pure taste. An advantage of transparent glass bongs is that you can see into them to check whether your bong needs a clean-up. Glass is glass though -  it’s fragile -  so if you want to travel you’ll need a travel case for it.



  • Plastic or acrylic bongs are mass produced making them cheaper. They are also very durable. They are a great fit for a casual smoker - you get a bong without having to break the bank. They can be used time after time without much care (still keep it clean though). The main downside to plastic bongs is the taste and quality of your smoke. It's not terrible, but if you're prone to coughing on weed, the smoke is harsher than that of a glass bong. They are good for travelling because they are harder to break than a glass bongs.


    • Ceramic bongs comes in all sorts of shapes and colours and are usually brought for their novelty. They are heavier than plastic and glass and as such aren’t good for travel.  They are more expensive than plastic due to the craftsmanship going into them. Not for the regular smoker, more for the shelf display or special occasions.



    • Bamboo is also a popular bong material - it's not just for show, it's very durable and great for outdoor smoking.



    • Metal can be used to make bongs, though it is not as popular as plastic or glass. Metal is durable, though it can affect smoke taste, and you can't see when to clean it.



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    • Xavier Smith