Considering Vaping?

Considering Vaping?
Nicotine substitution -  Vaping is great for smokers, or those who want to quit and go through NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). Studies have found that people who smoke are are more likely to be exposed to carcinogens and toxins ( You can choose to put no nicotine into your e-cigarette so you can have the motion of smoking.


Flavours - Who doesn't like a mix up every now and then? This is one of the reasons why vaping is superior to smoking. There are countless flavours to choose from -  from fruit  flavours like peach, strawberry and pineapple to menthol even butterscotch. You can even get a tobacco flavour if you're wanting that original flavour with less harmful substances.


Changing your habit - Naturally, nicotine is found in tobacco, the strength of nicotine is measured through the amount of nicotine per milliliter, in milligrams(mg) or percentages. You are most likely looking at vaping to curb your smoking habit. Many want-to-be quitters have tried options like gum and patches sometimes they work, others aren't so lucky. This is because your habit involves a physical addiction to nicotine and mental one.  The mental aspect involves the feel of the cigarette in your mouth and the inhalation, it's the action of smoking.  Vaping can serve as an alternative - you get that same oral fixation without all the added toxins.


Smelly no more - An unpleasantry from smoking is smelling like a ciggy or that lingering smokers breath which you think you have. You may get self-conscious about that musty  smokers odour that lingers, especially if your workplace is around people (highly likely). Vaping does not produce a strong odour and residue like cigarette smoke. Vaping is much less obtrusive than smoking because it contains less particulates due to combustion and the smell won’t linger on clothes, walls and fabrics.


Convenience - Every time you smoke a cigarette you have to go outside. You cannot smoke where you drink or where you eat. Smokers are pushed away. Vaping however, is a more socially acceptable alternative. Additionally, you don’t need a lighter. You’ve always got the ability to quickly pull out your e-cigarette and take a puff or two, giving you your nicotine hit as desired rather than lighting and smoking a whole cigarette.


It’s better for your health  - Many studies have been done and there is a strong consensus that vaping is far better than smoking. There are less harmful chemicals like tar and carbon monoxide that can cause tobacco related illnesses.  Additionally, with e-cigs you can control how much nicotine goes into your device.


From no Nicotine (0mg): For those who want to cold turkey that nicotine and non smokers who enjoy the flavor of vapes.

4mg: Ultra light smoker (less than half pack a day).

8mg: Ultra light cigarette smokers (half a day)

11mg: Light smoker (less than 1 pack per day)

18mg:Light cigarette smoker (1 pack per day)

24mg: Heavy smoker (1 ½ packs per day)

36mg: Ultra Heavy (multiple packs per day)


For heavier smokers start with heavier dosages and eventually work your way down depending on your goals. Unfortunately, at present, e-liquids containing nicotine cannot be sold in Australia.

Financial benefits - Not only is vaping better for health and your smell, it's better for your wallet. By 2020 cigarettes will cost $40 a packet. E- cigarettes last longer and will save you about 40% of the cost of buying cigarettes.

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