8 Different Bong Designs

8 Different Bong Designs

Carburettor bongs - if your bong has a hole somewhere in the middle then it's a carburettor bong. Carburettors aren’t necessary but they provide users with an intense hit. You place your finger over the hole, breath in, then release your finger. This lets air into the pipe and forces smoke into your lungs at a rapid rate giving you a bigger hit.  


Straight tube bongs - simple is best they say, and that’s exactly what a straight tube bong is. They are designed with a simple tube attached to a bowl and stem. Add some water, put some of that chopped good herb in the bowl, light up slowly then go!


Beaker shaped bong - super similar to the straight tube, the difference is the cone shape at the bottom, which looks like a beaker. That’s where it got its name from. They are more stable due to the larger base. The procedure for smoking is the same as that for straight tubes.


Round base bong - Is simply a bong, like the name implies, that has a sphere shaped water chamber with a flat base. These are more stable than straight tube bong. Smoking is the same.


Multi chamber bong - You guessed it, these have multiple chambers. In the multi chamber bong the straight tube separates into two chambers which connects to a third chamber. Smoke is filtered multiple times as it passes through the different chambers. It makes for a much cooler and smoother session. Multi chamber bongs are more expensive due to their craftsmanship and complexity.


Percolator bong - these bongs have additional filtration chambers located around the main tube. With each inhale, smoke and water are forced through a percolator by the negative pressure. This accelerates the heat transfer, meaning smoke is cooled. Then this action breaks up the smoke into fine particles which increases the surface area. This makes for some great filtration taking away harch particulates. This will give you a smooth and cool hit every time.


Bucket gravity bong - this bong uses the the vacuum that water leaves behind when taken slowly out of an enclosed space. The most popular version of this bong has two parts - a bottle and bucket of water.


Waterfall gravity bong - similar to the bucket bong, but water is drained out of the bottom of the bucket instead. Bucket and waterfalls can be made at home, but if you them regularly, it’s best to buy one off the shelf.


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